Friday, February 15, 2008

Interview with Al Hamme and Clips of the Music

Hi everybody -

Al brought his arsenal of saxophones to a rehearsal today. We worked through more of the music, and began to prepare for a "first pass" that we'll do in the recording studio.

As we talked about this project, we decided to turn on the tape recorder, and three audio excerpts of our conversation are here on the blog. You can click them on the right, or click here to hear the first clip.

He speaks candidly about the "psalms without words," names a few of his favorites, and talks about the spiritual impact of the music. I discussed the inspiration behind some of these tunes, and we reflected on the miles we've traveled with the Presbybop Quartet.

Give them a listen - you'll have a rare opportunity to hear the musicians thinking about their work behind the scenes.

Also included are three clips of rehearsal takes of the music. Look to the right column and click on one of the titles.

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