Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Live or Memorex?

Last week's concert went extremely well. The music was cooking, the crowd was large, and the musicians felt good about it.

One of our friends brought a neighbor to the concert. She was trying to compute the experience: jazz - in a church - all of it based on scripture. At times, she wasn't sure if she should be praying, listening, praising, or studying the Psalms. One thing was for sure, she said. "Those Presbyterians in the pews should have been tapping their feet!"

And then we noticed something incredible: at least a half dozen people reading Bibles while we played. That has to be a first for a jazz concert.

Jeff Stockham blew the roof off the place. He's one of the few French horn players who plays some jazz on that instrument. It's always a lot of fun to have him play with the band.

The music is coming together well. We are looking forward to getting a good recording of it - - and there's a lot to record!

More later. Stay warm out there!

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