Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lights, Camera, Swing...

The August 3 gig will be filmed, it turns out. Since our local PBS affiliate will be taping other acts for later presentation on that channel, we were able to line up their camera staff to shoot some footage of our gig. So if you want to be in pictures, stop by and enjoy the free show!

Ah, the grandiose ideas that grow in my mind! Not only will we release a double CD of the set, there is a good chance that we may have an accompanying DVD. Certainly we already have about two hours of video footage of the rehearsals and recording sessions. It's an interesting documentary (at least to me) of the creative process, even if a number of key moments were never caught on camera.

For August 3, however, we will have to tightly script the show and hope for good performances. So far the set list includes the following:
  • Haunted Landscape
  • How Good It Is
  • The Lingering Questions
  • Inheriting a Parable
  • The Last Word
  • Bill's New Song
  • Everybody Dance
Well, we will see what happens! Time to tune up my chops, so I can keep up with the guys.

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