Saturday, December 6, 2008

In the Final Stretch

Lots to report! The new project has been moving along. Here's what we can report:

(a) "Psalms Without Words" will be a double CD set. The tunes have been mixed, thanks to George Graham and Al Hamme, and a number of 10 PM to 2 AM sessions. George has finished a few edits and mastered the discs. They sound wonderful, and Bill has listened to them repeatedly.

(b) A DVD is also being produced, and will soon be replicated. We're calling it "Listening for Selah - Psalms Without Words Live." It includes our complete set from the 2008 Scranton Jazz Festival, and includes full performances of about eight tunes. It looks and sounds super! Also included on the DVD is a homemade documentary on "The Making of Psalms Without Words." Working with videographer Paul Flynn, Bill has put together some footage from the 2006 sabbatical that prompted the music, as well as scenes from rehearsals and recordings, and interviews with the musicians. It's a lot of fun.

Looks like the release date for the combined project will be February 2009. As soon as the discs become available, we'll put out the word to our fan list.

Meanwhile, here's a MPEG glimpse of one tune from the DVD, "The Last Word." Just a glimpse, scaled back for YouTube. Enjoy!

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